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Things You Can Do to Live the Taylor Swift
Things You Can Do to Live the Taylor Swift-inspired Life

We hope that you will love our recommendations for products! Each one was carefully picked by the editors of our site. For your information, Ronole Store may collect a portion of sales or any other incentives from the links listed that appear on this page if you choose to purchase items through these sites. And, just to be clear -Prices are correct and the items are in stock at the when the article was published.

1. An night out with an e-book that is inspired by an Taylor Swift song

You’ll love when you love reading as much as streaming the discography of Taylor Swift 24/7. You can even have the book to be inspired by a particular music or the genre!

Windemerepeaks is a small business that is based within Buffalo, New York that offers this Taylor-inspired blind date book, as well as beautiful printed bookmarks!

Promising review: “Such a fun idea! I enjoy Taylor Swift and books and Liv chose the perfect book for me.” — Kate Dulak

2. An Sweatpants are ideal for relaxing all day long as you do nothingother than listen to Taylor on repeat. Duh.

I don’t have these sweatpants but I do own one from a Taylor x Urban Outfitters Folklore collab, and I almost wear it every day. It’s so soft and comfortable and such a premium merchandise, I’m sure that these sweatpants are fantastic, as well!

Buy them at Urban Outfitters for $49.99 (available in sizes S-L).

3. A Tarot card poster to allow you to combine your love for Tay and astrology into one stunning art piece.

ProudestHeart is a small business located within Los Angeles that sells the most stylish celebrity-themed tarot cards.

Buy it at ProudestHeart at Etsy priced at $14.87plus (available in three sizes, seven sizes). designs and as three sets).

4. A Tee with a Y2K theme that will make people ask what you bought it from so they can buy one for them. I’m speaking from personal experiences here.

In the past year, I saw that a lot of my friends were purchasing this shirt, and since I don’t have any control over adorable fandom merchandise I decided I needed to get it, too. It’s just as cute in person! Okay, I might or may not be biased since there’s a photo of Taylor on the top from when I first met her. But that enjoyable thing aside, the t-shirt is comfortable, cute and has brought me many compliments as well as requests to the site where people can buy it for them.

Buy it at Teex on sale for $19.99;(available in sizes S-6XL).

5. A Car diffuser from Taylor’s you’ll be putting it in your rearview mirror prior to declaring that it’s your favorite.It’s a

Get it? The play on the lyrics? Anyways! Its scent is combination of white gardenia, freesia and violet, with hints of pomegranate and green vines and cashmere. C & E Craft Co is a small-scale business located within Collegeville, Pennsylvania that sells candles, car fragrances and much many more!

Positive review: “This air freshener is just perfect! It’s so adorable and is a wonderful scent! It can also make tiny rainbows reflect off it when there is a sun shining upon it which is a nice bonus!” -Bridget Carey – Bridget Carey

Purchase the item at C & E Craft Co on Etsy for $8..

6. A blanket that lets you relax on the sofa and revel in the most memorable Taylor album of all time next time you want to revisit the two greatest films on Netflix including the Reputation Stadium Tour and Miss Americana.

A heads-up the blankets are set to be shipped by the 15th of August, so if you purchase now, you’ll receive it by the time of the Red (Taylor’s version) szn aka fall.Make sure to browse through all of the merchandise that is that is available to purchase through Taylor’s official store here!!

Purchase it at The Taylor Swift official store for $85.

7. As long as we’re discussing Taylor films that are available for streaming and stream online, you might want to buy yourself an Disneyand subscription for the ability to stream the film known as Folklore the Long Pond Studio Sessions.

I was crying, I laughed, and then I did an interesting mix of both. If you’ve not seen this film I would highly recommend it. It was gorgeously done. It was interesting to discover Taylor’s artistic process of creating an album during quarantine, and the inspiration behind the songs which felt like a comforting hug to a lot of people in a moment when the most needed. Taylor, Jack Antonoff, and Aaron Dessner have an incredible collaboration that creates a warm and inviting element to the film. Taylor’s voice is absolutely gorgeously effortless.

You can also see glimpses of Taylor in two other films available on Disneyplus: Taylor Swift Albums Swifties Coffee Mug and Taylor Swift Country Princess Music T-shirt

8. abstract art print that aren’t regular art pieces for Taylor-themed walls They’re cool ones.

The Whimsy Committee is a small business based in Virginia Beach, Virginia that sells pop-culture-inspired art and merchandise.

Review that is positive (for”Cowboy “Cowboy Like Me” print): “Utterly gorgeous! The print is flawless and exactly as described, printed on top-quality paper and came promptly. I am thrilled with it!” –Lillian Krysinski

Buy the prints at the Whimsy Committee on Etsy There’s the “August” image Here along with”Cowboy” here “Cowboy like me” Print available here for $11plus (available at three sizes).

9. The T-shirt to those that understand “Taylor’s Version” (in parentheses) is a reference to something that she has.

check out the examples: Red (Taylor’s Version), Fearless (Taylor’s version) and Red (Taylor’s Version). Although I’m not an album in a vault or a recording that’s been re-recorded I am able to say with confidence that Taylor has 99.9 percent of my savings account and the thoughts that go through my head is why it’s only right that I have a shirt similar to this . If you can relate to with this, you should also.

Ronole Design is a small business based in Texas that offers a variety of awesome gifts for your wardrobe.

Review that is promising: “Got this for my friend’s birthday, and she was thrilled! Big Taylor fan and she wears it every day! Soft and durable and lasts well when washed!” -macy rose Macy rose

Purchase it at Ronole Design via Etsy at $12 or more (available as a t-shirt or long-sleeve sweatshirt in five colors, as well as sizes from S-2XL).

10. A laptop sleeves that was inspired by Taylor’s famous floral dress she was wearing to the 2021 Grammy Awards aka the night she became the first woman to be awarded Album of the Year 3 times.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but using every excuse I can to boast about the queen and her record-breaking feats.

Purchase it on Sean Gerrish on RedBubble for $42.73 (compatible with MacBook 12″, MacBook Air/Pro/Retina 13″ as well as MacBook Pro/Retina 15″).

11. A illustration& depicting the development of T’s hair , because real people are aware that each time period has a certain hairstyle that is associated with it and why not commemorate that by decorating your home with beautiful d├ęcor? !

Melsy’s Illustrations is a tiny business based out of Boston that sells beautiful printed art prints with illustrations.

Review: “I am in love with this print. The print quality is stunning! It arrived quickly and was very well-packaged.” –Samantha Nielsen

Find it at the Melsy’s Illustrations via Etsy at $39plus (available in 3 sizes).

12. An embossed t-shirt or pullover (your preference) offered in a variety of gorgeous colors, and better designs that you’ll absolutely enjoy.

A few members of the BuzzFeed Shopping team own sweatshirts from this fantastic Latinx small business run by women and love them. The ordering process is easy. Simply search for the collection you’re most interested in, go to the bottom of the page to choose what kind of shirt you’d like along with your size and style; and within the next couple of weeks, you’ll open your doors to your brand new shirt. There are designs from different artists (Harry Styles Lorde, Olivia Rodrigo along with Gracie Abrams) and a zodiac collection!

Find them at Three-Thirteen and the “Coney Island” design (left) here Shop for the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) collection (right) here and look through all the other items here: tees begin with $35. Sweatshirts begin at $47 and hoodies begin at $55.

13. A gorgeous and charming Folklore inspired tote bag sure to become your new favourite accessory. My apologies to everyone who has your other bags being lost in the crowd.

Bobbenco is a small business. Bobbenco is a small business that sells posters, apparel and other accessories!

Buy it at the Bobbenco via Etsy priced at $16.60.

14. It’s a clock that lets you say it’s a quarter of the left of Taylor’s space bun instead of actual numerical time which is the coolest and more entertaining. *

I’m not sure if the quarter on the left of Taylor’s space bun reflects an actual moment but you’ll see. The artist behind this gorgeous illustration is my coworker and friend, Jenna Balint. She has a plethora of excellent Taylor illustrations for sale as stickers clothes, accessories, and clothing and also some of the characters from shows such as The Good Place or Gilmore Girls.

Purchase it by contacting Jen-Na at RedBubble on RedBubble for $37.01 (available in three frame colors as well as the four colors of hand).

15. An folklore is a a book painting for the avid book Swiftie who might benefit from some cool decor that shows their character and what they cherish most.

Purchase it at Bed Bath & Beyond for $49.49plus (or $39.59+ for members of Beyond+ It is available with three different sizes).

16. A vinyl replica of Taylor’s latest album release -“All Too Well,” Red (Taylor’s version) so you can listen to the 10 minute song “All too well” in the most perfect way.

Taylor Swift Red Poster – Ronole

Review that is promising: “I pre-ordered this last week and on the day that the album was released and the music sounds better on vinyl! This , as well as an video made my day. Everything arrived in perfect order. It’s simply beautiful. No complaints.” –Amazon Customer

Purchase it on Amazon on $39.82 (also available in MP3 and CD formats, and also streaming via Amazon Music).

Make sure you look through the other albums Taylor owns that are available for purchasing through Amazon: Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Fearless (Taylor’s version).

Also! If you sign up to Amazon Music and sign up for Amazon Music, you will be able to listen to each of ” This Love (Taylor’s Version)” and ” The Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s version).”